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Aluminium foil cling wrap rewinder buyer from UZ

Aluminium foil cling wrap rewinder buyer from UZ, Aluminium foil cling wrap rewinder from UZ

In 0ct 2018,buyer from UZ came for visit our plant.their agent stay in Yiwu where is 1 hour away from Jiaixing By fast train.
The buyer bought one machine of semi auto 2 shaft aluminium foil rewinder from us last working very well,with the order increasing every month,now they consider to buyer 2nd machine.
They also want to make pvc cling wrap rewinding,since they are new for it,we recomend the 2 in 1 model for aluminium foil/cling wrap rewinder,so they can reduce the investment since the market is not big yet.
When the order is getting bigger,they can buy another automatic cling wrap rewinder,it is high speed for production with high output.
Buyer accept our suggestion,and happy to deal with us.
Beside the rewinder,they also are interested in shrink packing machine for aluminium foil roll,our automatic model is good for them,we will make the best solution for them to be a complete production line.
We wish our machines and service will help buyer to win the more market share.and win-win cooperation in future!


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